Happy Father’s Day, Mom™

In the early 1970s I was a child growing up in Jersey City, New Jersey along with my 3 brothers, Bob, Mike and Matt. We were lucky in that, although we were being raised only by mom (virtually unheard of in those days), Mom found a way to scrape together enough money to send us to Catholic School at Saint Aedan’s, like all the other neighborhood children. We never felt different

Like many schools, Saint Aedan’s encouraged the children to create home made cards for special events to take home. Mother’s day – make a card, Christmas – make a card, well…you get the point.

I experienced many times when it was awkward not having a father at home, probably the most prominent being Father’s Day, when, armed with construction paper, glue and glitter we, along with every other child in the school, created cards reading happily Happy Father’s Day. When it came time to take them home I remember inscribing the words MOM on mine, leaving it to read Happy Father’s Day, MOM. You know, it was not that I felt bad at not having a father there, God knows mom loved us deeply and unconditionally, it is just the card did not seem complete without those three letters added M-O-M.

In today’s society, many successful men and women have been raised with only a Mom at home, and I wanted to create a site serving their unique needs, and give them the same chance to recognize their mothers with the same proud greeting I used so many years ago.

I deeply love my mother today as an adult and know she helped make me the man I am today, loving and caring and family oriented. And this year, as every year I would like to say Happy Father’s Day, Mom.