Happy Father's Day Mom

By Roberta S. Shiver

I want to thank you for all you've done,
You raised us up, teaching right from wrong.
You worked hard all the years to make ends meet.
And kept going through life, even when you were beat.

You were strong with broad shoulders, you carried the load.
The times were hard, and to all we owed.
But we had each other to carry us through,
Your seven children, who needed you.

You were always there no matter what
'Be strong, never give up', is what you taught.
'If all seems to go wrong you will prevail,
For as long as there's love, you will not fail.'

A home full of love is what we knew,
We all stuck together, as long as there was you.
Yeah, we fought like children, as children do
And said things to each other we know weren't true.

We're all grown up now, and to you we thank
For each harsh word, and the threat to spank.
You were hard on us, and we now know why,
Then we didn't know you would ever say goodbye

. So the Father you have been, so good and so strong,
Teaching us the difference, between right and wrong.
We take this day to honor you, for Fathers like you are very few.

For being our Father, we want to say,
'You did a great job, Happy Father's Day!'.

For you indeed, are a Father like no other,
The one who raised us is our own sweet Mother!

Dedicated to our Mom, Jessie Valentine, on Father's Day.